3 Reasons To Ditch Vanity Exercises From Your Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilder workouts can be easy to fall into the trap of working out solely for the sake of appearance.  Whether it’s fashion or fitness, first impressions count, which is why many fitness buffs that enjoy hitting the gym a few times a week will tend to weight their exercise routine heavily toward vanity exercises.

Vanity exercises are those that isolate singular muscle groups, (i.e. bicep curls) for the sole purpose of bulking up quickly to give one’s body the shape of a “physically fit” individual.  When someone is looking to bulk up and have that impressive shape of a fitness junky, these are the first muscles they will want to work for shape and bulk.

The main vanity muscles are biceps, traps, and chest.  These are the muscles that many guys (and gals) focus on to look good at the beach and elsewhere.  While these muscle groups should be worked – and heavily -moving to complex exercises offers many benefits, such as those below.

Balancing Physique
But while many bodybuilders are focused on bodybuilder workouts their vanity muscles, they forget the importance of working all their muscle groups. There are many vanity exercises that busy people should avoid, because of the fact that they require a lot of time and effort to get the results one wants.  All the time is focused on isolation movements that work single muscle groups individually, many of which look great, but don’t contribute to overall strength.

By using complex movements, you recruit multiple muscle groups, which inevitably leads to a more balance physique, and better overall body strength that cannot be compared with those who focus only on their vanity muscles and isolation exercises.

Increased Metabolism
Another benefit of working a variety of muscles is that you will fully understand how to increase metabolism.  Your body will be burning energy with the increased metabolism that you experience, well after you leave the gym, and you will feel great knowing that you have focused on every muscle group.

The “after-burn” effect of continuing increase in metabolism after a workout is well-documented.  A full-body workout offers the potential for greater overall, and longer-lasting, metabolic increase as a result of your workout. Toss in a little bit of cardio to give a little extra boost to your metabolism as well.

Shortening Your Workouts
Structuring your bodybuilder workouts around more than just vanity exercises can also help shorten your workouts and make them more effective in the long run.  This is great for the individual who has limited amounts of time to spend at the gym, but wants an effective workout in thirty minutes or less.  Complex, compound movements offer the advantage of shorter workouts, with greater overall gains in strength and fitness levels.

Building muscles means more than just bodybuilder workouts to look good.  Mixing up your bodybuilder workouts, using a variety of complex movements provides a multitude of benefits, such as increasing your metabolism, balancing out your body’s muscle growth, and allowing you to look and feel your best.  Remember, bulky isn’t always better–by lifting weights and completing exercises that work even the most minute of muscles, you are maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts while building functional fitness.

This article was authored by Greg Hayes, who writes regularly at Live Fit Blog.  For tips on the best oblique exercises to build a strong core and prevent injury, as well as how to boost metabolism for sustained weight loss, check it out!

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