Strength Training for Weight Loss

If you are going to weight train, will you become manly?

Weight training is one of the most effective ways to ‘tone up’, but despite this, many people shy away from it, for fear of becoming overly masculine. This shouldn’t be a major concern; bodybuilders that train for size and strength also partake in supplementation programs, as well as eating abundantly. The average female doesn’t have the levels of testosterone, or surplus calories to feed large amounts of muscle growth. Because of this tips for weight training, although increasing muscle mass, will not create a masculine physique.

But I want to lose weight, not gain weight!

Many people obsess about losing weight, when they should be more concerned with tips for losing fat. Lean muscle mass is beneficial to the body; as well as improving circulation and cardiovascular health, by increasing muscle mass through tips for weight training, you will also be increasing your metabolism. The more muscle mass on the body, the more calories it will burn as a matter of course, making losing fat a much more streamlined process. The faster the body’s metabolism, the more calories it uses.

How can I further speed up my metabolism?

There are several tips and techniques you can use to speed up your metabolism. The first is to exercise on a regular basis. Every time you dramatically increase your heart rate, your metabolism gains a small boost. This can be achieved through both cardio and strength exercises. Although weight training isn’t as intense as a bout of cardio, it does work to elevate the heart rate.

Another way to increase your metabolism is to eat on a regular basis. Although this may sound counterproductive to weight loss, it needn’t be. Instead of eating two or three large meals across the day, aim to eat six small meals. This could be achieved by eating three medium sized meals, and two healthy snacks in between meals. When your body recognises a constant intake of food, it stops seeing the need to store calories as many calories fat. The same technique can be used to shed water weight; when you up your intake of water, your body stores less water to compensate.

Although it may seem strange to eat more and lift weights in order to gain a toned body, when done correctly, they can be extremely effective techniques. Although consuming more meals, you needn’t consume any more calories than you normally would in 3 meals.

Another great way to lose weight is by making healthy soup recipes. Delicious, nutritious, and affordable, soups can be a great way to achieve your desired weight loss goals.

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