Building your Body and Savings

Times are tough but so are finding inexpensive ways to getinto shape. With so many options for increasing muscle mass, finding a way tobuild your savings account should have as many options. Gym fees have almostdoubled in the past couple of years. So is it worth it to pay for membership oris creating a home gym the right path towards fitness?
There are pros and cons to both joining a gym and workingout at home. Let’s take a look at both options to see which is right for you.
Gym Pros:
  • Continued Routine: Studies show that people are more likely to continue their workout routine if they are paying for a gym membership vs. creating a home gym. The obligation and cost commits them to making the extra trip.
  • Support: When you are part of a gym, you have the support of the staff as well as the other members. That added support can take your routine to new levels and bring your body to new heights.
  • Competition: Most of us are competitive in nature, seeing someone at the gym who shares the same basic routine can spark competition to out perform. We all want to be the best we can be and some want to just be the best. Competition is the best way to achieve your workout goals.
  • Equipment: Gyms typically have equipment that most home gym owners cannot afford or even have access to. Utilizing the Gyms state of the art equipment may help in seeing results quicker without the added stress of maintaining the machines.
  • Motivation: Just being there is a motivation. A gym full of weightlifters and exercise fanatics can motivate you to workout longer and more often. Going with a group of friends will also provide the motivation that working out alone at home cannot offer.
  • Expertise: Gym memberships often have the option of hiring a personal trainer or joining a class. The expertise of fitness professionals can place your routine on the fast track to results.
Gym Cons:
  • Cost: As mentioned, gym costs are on the rise. If you are living on a limited budget it may be hard to add the expenses.
  • Time: There is not always time to pack your bag, drive to the gym, workout, drive home, and unpack. This is usually what causes most gym members to stop going.
  • Equipment Availability: If you are working out at a popular gym, your favorite equipment may not always be available. When you have a regular routine that is carefully mapped out, losing an exercise because the machine is taken can break that routine.
Home Gym Pros:
  • Cost: A one time fee to purchase equipment will save you money in the long run. Without monthly fees, personal trainer rates, and extra gas to get to the gym, the savings can add up.
  • Comfort: There is a benefit to working out at home. There are no inadequacies or nervousness some people get from working out in front of others. You can wear what you want, do as many or as little reps as you feel, listen to whatever music you choose, and nobody can stop you.
  • Equipment Accessibility: You will always have access to the machine you want to use when you want to use it. It will allow you to keep your routine without any variation.
  • Time: Without having to drive to the gym you have more time to workout and not interfere with the rest of your day or night. It takes seconds to get to your home gym instead of driving all the way to the gym across town.
Home Gym Cons:
  • Motivation: You face the same issue as working at home, motivation. With nothing making you feel obligated to workout there may be days you just decide not to. Breaking your routine even once can cause you to stop working out all together.
  • Support: You are on your own. There are no instructors, trainers, or members to support you as you attempt to reach your goals. If you are not seeing any results without someone telling you to keep going you may just quit all together.
  • Expertise: Without a trainer or fitness professional you may just be working out for nothing. Even with the vast amount of knowledge available to you on the internet or in books and magazines, without a proper routine that is tailored for the goals you want to reach, you may not see any results.
There has always been debate on whether a home gym is betterthan a fitness center, but what it truly comes down to is what you feel isright for you. If you want to save money on gym memberships then a home gym isright for you. If you need the support and motivation of other fitnessfanatics, you may want to sign up.

London resident Thomas Hathaway is a financial consultant and a content contributor for a company providing money advances when you need them.

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