How to stay in shape without paying for the gym

Bodybuilding  and Gym memberships can be useful and helpyou keep in shape, but they can also be very expensive. If money’s tight, it’sdifficult to justify spending fifty dollars or more a month to use the gymfacilities during workouts. But getting rid of your membership doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising and lose your muscles,because there are plenty of ways to exercise without going to the gym.


Going for a run is one of the best bodybuilder workouts you can do to stay fit and keep your heart healthy, and you don’t need much more than shoes and a sidewalk, dirt road, or track to do it. Taking some time each week to head outside and run can keep you in shape and help you look good without the gym membership.

People often argue that theweather is a deterrent, but the truth is that if you are motivated and want tostay in shape, there are very few times of year that you simply cannot run. Ifit’s raining, throw on a poncho and get there. Unless there’s a blizzard goingon or it heats up to over a hundred degrees at six in the morning and poses aserious health risk, the weather shouldn’t hold you back.

Get a set of weights

Thanks to websites like,Craigslist and Freecycle, you can get yourself free bodybuilder workouts,a used set of weights to use at home for less than you’d pay for a month or twoat the gym, and you can use them any time you’d like from the comfort of yourown home. It’s easy to do a few reps after you get home from work, and you cantweak your workouts to maximize the time you have.

Keep yourself motivated

One of the best things aboutgoing to bodybuilder workouts in gym is the built-in motivation. Whetheryou feel obligated to go because of the money you’ve spent or you have aspecific class you go to each week, paying for a gym can help force you to workout even when it’s not high on the list of things you want to do. At home, youmight be more likely to push it off or forget, so it’s important to create asystem to keep yourself motivated.

If you create a specific timeeach day to exercise and hold yourself accountable (using a calendar or a dealwith a friend might help you keep track of your workouts), you’ll be morelikely to stay motivated and avoid slacking off.

If you can’t or don’t want to paythe high prices of a gym membership, it is absolutely possible to stay fit athome. Find bodybuilder workouts that work for you and stick with them,and you should have no problem staying healthy and being at your best whilesaving a large chunk of money each month.

PhotoCredit: Running by Randen Pederson/flickr

Shawn Daly an marathon runner

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