Bodybuilding Exercise Regime – Keeping Yourself Motivated

There are moments in your life when you feel like yourpassion is burning to go on a diet and exercise harder than you should. Thereare also occasions when you are acting lazy and wanting to escape the responsibilityof working out. You know that getting toned down and buffed up is good for you,but you come up with hundreds of excuses not to do it. Some even prefer to popin endless HGH supplements or weight loss pills.

Everyone sometimes feel the same way – sluggish, droopy, and lethargic. But staying active yourself is any time better than popping in pills. You know that too! So, to get you motivated all over again, let us discuss some of the popular excuses people resort to, in order to give up ontheir workouts, along with the suggested solutions that can help you overcome your sluggishness and baseless excuses.

Your Reasons for Not Working Out

It goes down to three things and it could be one of them orall of them: lack of time, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of willpower.

Lack of Time

You may be too stressed out for exercise when you have your hands tied to the many responsibilities you are carrying such as cooking the food, cleaning the house, doing groceries, taking the kids to school, and fetching them. Working out is not limited to spending time in the gym andutilizing exercise equipment. You can exercise without you actually knowing it.Here are some suggestions:

· Walk places while you are on a cellphone call.

· Do some heavy breathing while you are staying in line.Focus on the abs as if you are squishing it towards your back.

· Add some extra weight on the shopping cart. Load some large water bottles or sacks of dog food on the lower part of the cart. Pushing it will firm your arms, legs, and thighs, plus will burn additional calories.

Lack of Enthusiasm

You may make a perfect excuse of not using the treadmill for sometime, or not staying in the stationary bike too long. It can be boring, and youmay tire out too fast. Try jumping from one machine to another, every 10minutes. This will give you variety and you may not even notice time passing by, giving you a perfect workout.

Lack of Willpower

This has mainly to do with your consistency and persistence maintaining your program, or at least working out daily. You can start bywearing your exercise gears in the morning. This will make you worked up, being faster in moving around the house or being more alert in doing chores. You can also decide on what time of the day you will have that exercise. Or, if youprefer not doing it alone, set an appointment with a friend and work outtogether in the gym.

By eliminating every excuse we can think of, we keepourselves motivated and doing the things that really matters most: Getting fitand staying healthy.


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