Phil Heath wins Sheru Classic 2011

Phil Heath wins Sheru Classic 2011
Mr. Olympia Phil Heath captured another title of the first Sheru Classic held in Mumbai India. Heath wins two titles back to back after winning the Mr. Olympia a week ago in Las Vegas.

With one of the most incredible sets for a finals, and national news from India covering the event, the first IFBB pro contest in India was a success with a sold out audience in attendence. Here are the results.

Sheru Classic is hyped as the rematch of Phil Heath vs Jay Cutler who was dethroned as winner last year, but unfortunately it belongs to Phil Heath once again. Heath solidified his standing as the No. 1 bodybuilder in the world by defeating five of Mr. Olympia’s top six finishers.

Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Results
1. Phil Heath – $50,000.00
2. Jay Cutler – $30,000.00
3. Kai Grene – $20,000.00
4. Victor Martinez – $15,000.00
5. Dennis Wolf – $10,000.00
6. Toney Freeman – $5,000.00
7. Michael Kefalianos
8. Alfonso Del Rio Valencia
9. Mohammed Touri
10. Ntuk Sunday
11. Varinder Singh Ghuman

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