Jay Cutler Photos from the Olympia 2011 Last Night!

photos of bodybuilding – Jay Cutler Photos from the Olympia 2011 Last Night!

Photos of bodybuilding For Jay Cutler at Olympia 2011 last night .The sixth consecutive year, the annual bodybuilding contest Mr. Olympia gets underway today at the Orleans Arena, and our Las Vegas hero Jay Cutler, the four-time winner and reigning titleholder, hopes to three-peat after missing out in 2008.
Jay is facing challengers from Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Canada and Americans Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf and Dexter Jackson, who grabbed the title in 2008, interrupting Jay’s winning streak.
Olympia weekend is the most prestigious event in bodybuilding, and the International Federation of Bodybuilders Professional League sanctions the annual competition. Olympia is considered the highest accolade in bodybuilding.

Jay’s show sneak peek…

Cutler Athletics booth

with Sheru Aangrish of the Sheru Classic which is next weekend!

Jay’s friend Romain
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