Sheru Classic Expo Day One Photos

Sheru Classic Expo Day One Photos
The Sheru sports festival will be the largest Bodybuilding show in India

24th and 25th of September 2011


1. Rs.5000. Only sell 100 tickets
This include ticket for main event

2. Rs.9000. Only sell 100 tickets main event, 2 days expo, Dinner with stars after event.

3. VIP package Rs.25000 only sell 100 tickets ( 2 days expo entry on 24-25, Press pass for 23, Sheru classic main event ticket in front with celebrities, pictures with stars, Autographs with stars, dinner with stars after event, after party with stars in night club, sheru classic t-shirt, Sheru classic Bandana, pass for photo shoot on 26th with stars)

4. Expo ticket 24 – Rs.500

5. Expo ticket 25 – Rs.500

Cash Prizes Totaling $150,000.00
Some photos for the expo day one

Phil heath Mr olympia 2011

Jay Cutler

Victor Martinez

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