Victor Martinez Wins 2011 Arnold Classic Europe!

Victor Martinez Wins 2011 Arnold Classic Europe!

The first-ever Arnold Classic Europe was held Oct. 8-9 in Madrid, Spain and featured IFBB Pro League men’s bodybuilding and fitness, a complete lineup of amateur bodybuilding events, several other amateur sports and a health & fitness expo.

“We have had many requests over the years to take the Arnold Classic to many cities throughout the world, and we are excited to begin the globalization of our event with the first Arnold Classic Europe,” said Lorimer, co-promoter of the Arnold Sports Festival. “Rafael Santonja has been one of our biggest supporters and we look forward to working together for many years.”

Victor Martinez was placed first in the first-ever Arnold Classic in Europe


1. Victor Martinez






The prize money from the Arnold Classic Europe:
1. Victor Martinez, $40,000
2. Dexter Jackson, $25,000
3. Ronny Rockel, $15,000
4. Toney Freeman, $12,500
5. Flex Lewis, $5,000
6. Hide Yamagishi, $2,500

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