Ronnie Coleman in Hospital for Spinal Cord Injury!

Update: Ronnie Coleman made a 11 hour Back surgery Ronnie Coleman from hospital asked “You still wanna be 8 X Mr Olympia? As you can see, the price you have to pay is pretty painful. “ Ronnie Coleman is trying his best to walk again after the surgery Ronnie Coleman: Trying my best to get back to walking again. This is just another progress report as I promised you guys I would do from time to time.»

Heating Up to Get More Out of Your Workout

Getting to the gym for a regular workout has long been a part of your fitness regimen. Perhaps, though, you’re not currently seeing the results you want, despite adhering to a dedicated exercise schedule. Give some thought to hot workouts, as well as switching up your exercises every six weeks or so. Working out ‘hot’ benefits the body in numerous ways and a fresh routine will see you in the gym more often.»

3 Steps To Burn The Fat And Keep The Muscle

No matter what specific fitness goals you may have, ultimately we all want the same thing… We want to burn the fat off wherever it may have built up, while maintaining the underling muscle. Sure, there may be some variation in term of how much muscle we want to put on or how much fat we may want to burn off… But basically we all just want to look lean and ripped.»

Love Handles Men Want: Do It RIGHT!

Physicians claim that the love handles men want aren’t always easy to get. They’re very elusive for all of us! Some say that men are more prone to having fat around their waistline compared to women. Did you know that excess abdominal fat can result in chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high triglycerides? If you truly want to get rid of those love handles, then you must rethink your diet.»
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