A Bodybuilding Diet Plan Suited to Your Body Type

There have been a lot of fad products and protein diet programs out there that promise to quite literally buff you up to make you a veritable epitome of masculine perfection. But for all of their tall claims, such diet plans are usually just full of hot air. If not dependent on synthetic products that promise to increase your muscle mass and whatever else, some of these fad bodybuilding diet plans often rely on steroidal or chemically based ‘enhancers’ that have unpleasant side-effects that aren’t always evident at first use.

If you are looking for the best bodybuilding diet plan, you’d be surprised that there really isn’t one, but many different approaches to what constitutes ‘the best’. When building body muscle, it must be understood that each individual has a different body type and that cannot be changed, no matter how hard you to try to do so – and in attempting to, you can compromise not only your performance, but your health and well-being. There are typically three body types for males: ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. Your muscle-building diet should therefore be suited to your specific body type.

Type I Endomorphic Individuals

Endomorphic people have a propensity for storing fats, especially if they don’t undergo the right diet regimen. The typical take for these individuals to reach their physical peak is to focus on controlled portions of protein products in the form of soya and seitan – a protein derived from wheat, or non-meat protein alternatives. Fish should be a staple in their diet, so should metabolically quickening foodstuffs like berries, and beverages like green tea.

The key to an optimum bodybuilding plan isn’t in bulking up, but reaching the peak potential of the given body-type that you have.

Type II Mesomorph Individuals

Mesomorphic individuals on the other hand have large bodies and wide shoulders, typical of the ‘macho man’ image. They have relatively middling metabolisms, which allow them to build muscle well, but too much inactivity and they gain weight. A controlled intake of high-protein rich foods, usually legumes and pulses, should even things out. The consumption of fatty fish and soy-products rounds things out.

Type III Ectomorph Individuals

Ectomorphic individuals are typified by their thin, delicate, often lean bodies. They have fast metabolisms which allow them to burn fat quickly. The best bodybuilding diet for people of this specific body type should revolve around the increase in caloric intake, more specifically in protein-rich foods and whole grains.

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