Branch Warren’s Leg Routine

Branch’s leg bodybuilding workouts is an all-out assault as he ruthlessly stacks more size onto his huge and striated wheels. His gargantuan quads already stretch the tape past 30 inches, but after any given leg workout they’ll swell with an extra inch of grainy, vascular size. Pushing weight that would leave mere mortals squeamish, Branch leaves his muscles screaming for mercy, and then lumbers home as they continue to flood with growth-inducing blood, exploding with new size after every workout.

Branch Warren knows Bodybuilding Workouts For Leg, He Says:

• Make free-weight squats the core of every workout.

• I like the bar a little higher on my traps and I keep a pretty narrow stance, but find the bar placement and foot position that focuses more on your legs and less on your back.

• Keep your head and chest up throughout each rep.

• I go down to below parallel in a controlled fashion, and then, once I bottom out, I just explode like a bullet.

• Practice your form with a light weight until it’s automatic. Eventually, you shouldn’t need to think about it.

• Vary the reps. Sometimes do sets of 20, sometimes sets of 10 and sometimes pyramid up to 5-6.

• Pain is just part of squatting. You have to learn to block it out and just keep going. Have no fear.


Branch’s Leg Routine

Leg extensions 3-4 20-50
Squats 6-7 20-6
Hack squats 3 8-10
Leg presses 3 15-20
Walking lunges 3 100 yards
Lying leg curls 4 15-20
Seated leg curls 3 15-20

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