Jay Cutler Bicep Surgery Goes Well

Jay Cutler has just posted this picture on his Facebook page. He told his fans that he has just suffered a surgery meant to repair his biceps(if you remember, one of his biceps muscles was torn at the Olympia, fact that made him lose the Mr. O title to Phil Heath). 

He Said ” Back home from surgery, everything went great first thing on the agenda is food!”

According to Jay Cutler’s good friend Mark Anthony, at about 3:30pm on Friday, Feb 24th, 2012 the doctor who performed Jay’s surgery said that the surgery went well.   Jay’s bicep was torn in 2 different places. WOW! He is a bit drowsy right now but he has his people close to him there to help him and make sure he is okay.

However, since there are only 7 months to Olympia, chances are pretty much that we might not see Jay Cutler on stage at Mr. Olympia 2012, as there is almost no time for him to recover properly or add some more muscles.

If you have followed the popular bodybuilding forums, then you must have seen the rumors about him and the retirement from Olympia. According to them, not only that Olympia 2011 was his last edition, but this was also the last official contest from his professional bodybuilding career.

We still don’t know what exactly was the procedure he suffered, but we can only assume that if it was biceps tendon tear surgery(in which the tendon needed to be reattached to the bode), then he will not be allowed to use his left hand for any physical activity that involves weights for at least 3 months-3 months and a half.

So, is it safe to say that Jay Cutler will miss Olympia 2012? We’ll see. We all know that if there are lots of money in the game, then doctors can do real wonders. Derek Poundstone proved many times that not only can he recover from a serious injury in no time, but he can also win the events he goes for. And if Poundstone can, Cutler can definitely do the same.

Article Source: Top Muscle , Muscular Development

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