Jay Cutler New Photos After Surgery

This week, Jay Cutler had bicep surgery, and his recovering quite nicely. We all wish you the very best Jay!

According to Jay Cutler’s good friend Mark Anthony, at about 3:30pm on Friday, Feb 24th, 2012 the doctor who performed Jay’s surgery said that the surgery went well.   Jay’s bicep was torn in 2 different places. WOW! He is a bit drowsy right now but he has his people close to him there to help him and make sure he is okay.

Jay Posted These Photos on his facebook page and said it was after his sugery

Day 1 Finally out of the house first stop Terryaki Boy Healthy Grill!

Day 2, Eating my Eat To Grow Filet & Brown Rice

Also he posted this photo The day before surgery filling up his smartshake signature series cup

Good luck Jay we hope you speedy recovery

MusclesPro.com Team

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