Advantages of iPad in Bodybuilding


Okay, the iPad came out and you just had to have one, right? After a few days of watching reruns on it and checking your email in the bathroom, you very quickly realized that you have a $500 toy that essentially does what your computer does. But what should you be doing on it? There are literally thousands of applications for the iPad that all offer a variety of tools for helping you to build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger. Check them out!

Calorie countingUsing Your iPad To Your Muscle Building Advantage!
There are some great free calorie tracking tools which allow you to see in real-time just how many calories you are consuming. Enter a food and a size, and the application does the rest. Give them a shot, and you may quickly realize what foods are doing the most damage to your waistline!

Message boards, weight watcher clubs, and many other online groups converge on a regular basis to give each other support, answer questions, and really provide ongoing motivation for hitting the iron.

Tracking workouts
There are many applications available for entering your exercises used, the amount of weight, number of sets, and reps. They are easily trackable and can be listed in graph format. Nothing is more motivational than seeing your muscular bodyweight climb, along with your bench press, squat, and deadlift numbers, right?

Body fat and other calculators
They aren’t quite as accurate as you’d see from being submerged into a tank of water for a body fat analysis test, but the many online widgets available on your iPad can give you a means of roughly estimating your body fat and LBM number. Record them, track them, and try to improve upon them!

Taking photos and video
Nothing is more inspirational for getting you to the gym – and keeping you going to the gym – than seeing your body change before your very eyes. There will be times when you don’t feel like going to the gym, but looking at the progress you’ve made can be the catalyst you need. A simple image of you standing in your underwear in front of a white wall is the most honest thing in the world – no excuses, no bluffing anything – Just the honest truth from your own eyes. The images never have to go public – but if you skim through them from time to time – seeing what you were, and what you currently are, finding the motivation to put on your shoes and trudge to the gym should come easily!

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