Branch Warren Wins 2012 Arnold Classic!

Branch Warren once again wins 2012 Arnold Classic. The Texas Rattlesnake said he’d be back on stage in Columbus. Boy, was he ever! Branch Warren defied the odds once again and recaptured his Arnold Classic title and added one more Most Muscular Trophy to his shelf AND added the Most Entertaining posing award to boot.

Here are the final results and the amount of money each competitor received:

1st Branch Warren — $130,000

Branch Warren is unbelievable! He had surgery on a torn quad tendon a few months ago. He bounces back from injuries that end the careers of other competitors. How he does, that I’ll never know…

Warren displayed a tremendous display of muscularity combined with an incredible degree of conditioning. Even the striated hamstrings were there tonight too. As I’ve stated before, Branch isn’t the prettiest physique up on stage, but he’s always the most rugged looking. He isn’t carved out of marble but he’s been blasted out of granite.

2nd Dennis Wolf — $75,000

Wolf again displayed his dramatic v-taper from wide lats and narrow hips. He treated the crowd to a classic and refreshing posing routine. I thought his color was improved from last year, despite a few drips here and there.

I thought it was close between Wolf and Evan — really close. Wolf seemed to tighten up right at the end and Evan faded just a bit and I think that was the clincher.

3rd Evan Centopani — $50,000

About 30 minutes before the judging began this afternoon, Evan was chowing down on chicken, potatoes, and rice — perfect carb-up food. He must have eaten more after the judging because I thought he improved for the night show. He was tight, full and very polished. His coloring was much darker than last year too. Evan looked better than last year and better than the judging, but I thought he faded just a little during the evaluation comparison.

Evan’s posing and presentation was improved from last year. He obviously has been working hard on that. His routine was performed to music from one of the Rocky movies — Rocky IV, I think. He did a variety of 3/4 back poses ala Arnold. Evan looked very good in those poses. My wife, Rosemarie, summed up those poses as, “Nice!”

4th Ben Pakulski — $30,000

Big Ben would have been given the “most enthusiastic” award if their was one. He truly was excited to be on the Arnold Classic stage in great condition.

5th Dexter Jackson — $15,000

I have to hand it to Dexter, the guy is very consistent and he always has been. He’s off the mark from a few years ago, but he is almost always a shoe-in for a top-six finish in the Arnold Classic or the Olympia.

6th Lionel Beyeke — $10,000

Lionel was holding some water. Once he find a formula to tighten up, this guy has a strong possibility of winning this show in the future.

Top Six Final Comparison

Evan Centopani, Lionel Beyeke, Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren, and Dennis Wolf were the six finalists. They were lined up for one final comparison and then it was time for the posedown. To me it looked like Branch had it and Evan would might take second with Wolf third, but I wasn’t sure. Wolf tightened up from the front, but his smooth hamstrings leaped out as did his small calves; Evan still looked a little smooth overall as well. Branch had tremendous thickness and he makes anyone’s legs small and smooth. This was one close show for second and third place.

The 2012 Arnold Classic was another remarkable production. It had variety and was entertaining to everyone in the crowd. Arnold was Arnold cracking his jokes and everyone cracked up each time. Congrats to Branch Warren on wining 2012 Arnold Classic a well-deserved and hard-earned title!

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