High Protein Chicken Pizza Recipe


1. Whole meal pita bread or pizza base
2. Add tomato paste (High in potassium and rich in lycopene which is a powerfull antioxidant)
3. Add 22oz chicken breast (skinless/boneless) spread over 4 pizzas

4. Add spinich (High in potassium packed full of good vitamins and minerals)

5. Add mushrooms (High in potassium and good source of Vitamin D)

6. Add tomatos (High in potassium and good source of Vitamin C)

7. Put in the oven (Set oven to 200 on bake and put pizzas in for about 18 or so minutes depending on how hard you want the base)

8. Time to pepper and eat.


Protein = 50g

Carbohydrates = 45g

Fat = 6g

Total calories = 435

You can add any toppings you want, pinapple, cheese, onions, olives, its all personal preference, the macros and calories will just change slightly thats all

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