4 Tips for Building Muscle with High Intensity Training

High-Intensity Training is a powerful training method that is used by many bodybuilders for building muscles quickly, without spending hours at the gym. In fact, HIT allows you to build muscles with just 1 hour per week of gym. In this article we will describe the essence of the HIT and give you the practical basis of employing it.

Slow and Measured Repetitions
The first tip for effective HIT training is to do repetitions slowly, for 3 seconds for the positive and 2-3 seconds for the negative as well. It is important that you don’t utilize momentum in your repetitions and do them in measured-speed, to put constant effort on your muscle. Focus on quality of repetitions, not on the quantity.
This leads not only to higher intensity levels than momentum-assisted repetitions, it was also shown in various studies to boost metabolism and improve fat burning.

Do Sets Until Failure
The key point for building muscle is to workout until the point of failure, when your muscle cannot move anymore. This will lead to much faster muscle building than any other workout technique, and will make you grow stronger as well. Therefore it is advised to do one set of each exercise, slowly and until the point of muscular failure. Make sure to stay at this point for a few seconds, before slowly releasing the weight and let go.

Focus on Multi-Joint Exercises
Multi-joint exercises are more effective for muscle growth, and can lead to much better results quicker and with less time spent in the gym. Multi-Joint exercise utilize several muscles at the same time, and lead to faster metabolic rate and quicker muscle growth. In other words, a pull up will be more effective for your back than an isolated back exercise, and it will also strengthen your arms in the same time.

It is important to stretch and do a warm up before doing a HIT routine. It is very demanding from your body and you will require intensive workout to prepare your body for this kind of effort. I usually do 6-8 slow repetitions of half my target weight, and stretch for 15 minutes prior to the routine. This gets blood to your muscle and allow you to reach higher intensity levels.

Dan Storren is an HIT fanatic, in his site you can find much more tips for super muscle building!

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