6 Tips on How to Gain Weight – For Skinny Men

Skinny men always find it harder to gain weight and build muscles, this is not due to a lack of effort or motivation. It is their body or somatotype which makes it difficult to put on weight.

If you’re Skinny and want to know how to gain weight follow my tips below which these will help you achieve the body you want

1. Make a Plan

Having a plan makes you more organized and motivates you. Sometimes building muscle can be frustrating, so you’ll need time and energy to stick with it. Try and set realistic goals, which are achievable, when you have reached this, move on to the next goal. You’ll need a timetable for workouts, the different foods you are going to eat, and what time You may find it helpful to prepare all your meals for the day in advance, and make sure you take them out with you, it is too easy to miss a meal otherwise.

2. Eat More and Often

To gain weight you need to eat more, increasing your daily calorie intake The recommended daily calorie intake is calculated by multiplying your total body weight by 20, for example if you weigh 135 lbs, you need to aim for 2,700 calories per day However if you have a physically demanding job, or do a lot of physical exercise each day you would need to increase this amount slightly. Aim to have a small meal full of protein and calories every 3 hours, rather than 3 large meals a day, this ensures your body is constantly being fueled.

3. Concentrate on Calorie Rich Foods

If you eat large amounts of food that is low in calorific content, you will just make yourself full and unable to meet your daily calorie amounts. Try and make choices about the food you consume, eg pasta has a higher calorie content than rice, whole milk rather than skimmed, eat lot’s of nuts, such as pistachios as snacks, and be lavish with the olive oil over sunflower oil

4. Short Intense Workouts

With all these extra calories you are consuming you don’t want to go from skinny to fat, just skinny to muscular, therefore concentrate on building muscles in short bursts with as heavy weight as you can manage, use free weights where possible and compound exercises that will work more than one muscle at a time. Don’t be tempted to do too much cardio exercise as this will be burning up those extra calories too quickly.

5. Relax, Rehydrate

It is as important get more rest between workouts, this will give your muscles chance to repair and rebuild. So try and get lot’s of early nights, and resist the temptation to consume too much alcohol as this will have a detrimental effect on your progression. Your muscles require a lot of water to function efficiently, so try to Rehydrate after each workout.

6. Track Progress

It is easy to lose track of your progress, so why not take some photos of yourself at the beginning of your training, and every couple of weeks after, this way you can see the truth, sometimes when you just look in the mirror you won’t notice the change over time. Weigh yourself at the same time each day, keeping a record, this will help with your motivation as your increases will be written for you to see


It isn’t always easy for a skinny guy to build muscle mass and obtain the body shape you desire. It is a long process to go from slim to ripped, but the benefits far outweigh the hard work and effort.

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