How to Get Started Bodybuilding – Safely

Any exercise program, including bodybuilding, needs to be undertaken slowly and safely. Too often, people get bitten by the fitness bug and jump right in, with no regard for their true physical health. Getting into shape is a great goal to have, but you must get in shape the correct way. Here are five tips to help you start bodybuilding safely:

1.Talk to Your Doctor

Before you start any diet or exercise program, you should speak to your physician. Your doctor can evaluate your current health, and will give you tips on the safest way to start getting into shape. Your physician may want to perform a blood test, a urinalysis and even a physical exam to determine your current state of fitness. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is overkill; people are injured everyday by performing exercises that their bodies simply aren’t ready to handle.

2.Find a Gym

Once your doctor has given you the go-ahead to begin lifting weights, you’ll need to decide if you will join a gym or build one of your own. Joining a health club can give you the motivation that you need to continue your workouts when you hit a plateau, and building a “gym” in your basement can be the perfect solution if you would prefer to work out in solitude. Before you decide on which type of gym you will utilize, you’ve got to know yourself. It makes no sense to pay for a monthly or yearly gym membership that you won’t use, and it will be a waste of money to buy free weights that collect dust in your basement.

3.Define Your Goals

Before you begin your new bodybuilding regime, decide what your ultimate goal is. Do you want to become more fit? Do you want to build muscle mass? Do you want a long, lean body or a strong, athletic body? Once you’ve decided what you want to turn your body into, you can set about reaching your goals. Remember that different types of workout routines will give you different results; your workout routine should be designed to help you meet your goals.


Whether you buy a few books or hire a personal trainer, you’ve got to learn the correct way to lift weights. Bodybuilding involves more than picking up a set of free weights and tossing them around. You’ve got to eat right, know how to use the equipment and perform exercises in an order that is beneficial.

5.Progress Gradually

If you’ve never lifted weights before, you may not know that you need to progress gradually. Your first three months should consist of a beginning bodybuilding routine. Once you’ve gotten used to the way your body feels and moves, you can move to an intermediate routine. After three to four months following your intermediate routine, you’re ready to move on to an advanced program. Following an advanced routine will ensure that your body continues to make gains rather than hitting a plateau and stabilizing.

Whether you want to get fit and healthy or gain muscle and strength, bodybuilding can help you read your goals. If you follow the five tips above, you’re sure to be well-prepared to undertake your new workout regime in the healthiest way possible.

Andrew Sota is a body builder and writer in Northern California. He guest writes for where you can find the best bodybuilding supplements.

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