Top Successful Trainer Tips

1- Get up early. The old expression “if you snooze you lose” is literal. The thing you lose most is time to get better.

2- Show up for work early. Be at least five minutes early and get to work setting up and making everyone’s life easier.

3- Stay late at work. Clean up and set up for tomorrow’s session.

4- Do more than is asked of you every day. Never walk by a wrapper on the floor. If the bathroom is dirty, clean it. People notice extra effort.

5- Care, about everything. Nothing is too small. Every person, every client matters.

6- Smile.

7- Learn names.

8- Brush your teeth every morning and after lunch. There is absolutely nothing worse than being coached by someone with bad breath.

9- Floss. See above.

10-Use deodorant. Body odor is a close second to bad breath.

11-Wear clothes that fit. Look professional, not like you escaped with your little brother’s ( or sister’s) clothes.

12- Read 1 hour a day ( split between self help and professional stuff)

13- Don’t waste time eating lunch. An exception is lunch with a colleague you don’t know well.

14-Don’t waste time on the internet. The internet is useful but who cares what someone had for breakfast.

15- Don’t waste time training ( do what you need to do, it’s not about you

16- Condition with your clients. Conditioning with them is true bonding.

17- Look the part by staying FIT


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