5 mistakes of beginning lifters

1) Overtraining

Who told you that you have to work out every day? Training every day is one of the worst things you can do with your body. Even 5 days a week will be too much. Your body needs to recover and build muscles. Don’t exhaust yourself. Maybe you are stuck and you don’t see the progress in a mirror after every week, but it doesn’t mean you don’t train enough. If you train regularly and don’t go crazy, anyway it works. Maybe not today, but tomorrow you will see the progress.

2) Not enough planning

When you go to a gym, you should always have a plan what you are going to do. Track yourself, keep a journal and you will see the result.


3) Not enough nutrition

There are a lot of college boys, who rush into the gym, work out as crazy and at the same time eat chips, chicken wings and other unhealthy stuff. Doing this they make their health worse. You should remember about nutrition and get enough protein every day.

4)  Gym is not a friend zone

Some guys go to the gym and make it their friend zone. Come on, gym is not a place to hang out and talk about football with your dudes. You go to gym to work out, so do it! Of course, it’s good to have friends and share your success with them, but do it after exercising. Don’t waste your time.

5) Too much weight training or too much cardio

Some guys try to get tone lean muscle by just doing cardio. But that’s not right. You will just burn up all the muscle at the end. And hitting the weight all the time is also not an option. There must be a balance of cardio and weight training, so that you can burn fat and build strong muscles at the same time.

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