Back workout: turn your tiny back into wide wings of muscle

Increase your pulling strength with these back exercises.

Jim Smith, CSCS

When beginners start training and working on their physical appearance, in most cases the back is just an afterthought. Of course, you can’t see your back looking in the mirror, and you can’t see the progress of your trainings.  But don’t forget that if you want to have wide thick wings of muscle and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you have to work out a lot.

And that’s why in today’s video I would like to show you one of my favorite back training exercises. Doing this exercise, you will not just increase your strength; you will turn your tiny back into massive stove of muscle. In this video we use two boxes to lift a flat bench. But if you work out at home, you can do the same by elevating one end of the flat bench on a few plates or lay face down on an incline bench.

You can also do horizontal back exercises, such as bent over rows or seated cable rows. But I would not recommend them as the best ones, because during these workouts you will not get the same feeling of “isolation”. And, even when athletes perform bent over rows, they can’t hold a good position for the workout due to lack of muscular endurance. At the end of workout, they have no result of the training, only wasted time and tiredness.

Doing back exercises you don’t use so much weight as you do, training other groups of muscle. You can’t feel how your veins pulsate and heart beats faster and faster. And to have certain progress and to motivate yourself, you have to keep more tension as you raise and lower the weights. Try to hold the top position for a count of one, and you will get tension in your muscle. Work harder and you will get desired wide wings of muscle.

See below the video demonstrations of these back exercises.

For the new video, we use dumbbells and perform the exercise with a neutral grip.

Try out this variation and let me know in the comments how the workout went.  Of course there are endless variations – like adding Fat Gripz, using kettlebells, or even some insane band-resisted variations – but you don’t have to get fancy. The basics always work. 

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