Basics of bodybuilding

You are planning to start exercising and building muscle. You want to get a great body and maybe become an athlete or bodybuilder. But what would you start from? Pulling the dumbbells? Running on the running track? Or maybe working on getting chiseled pecs?

Hell, no. You should start with thinking what you eat and drink. The basics of bodybuilding are water, oxygen, vitamins and minerals and good food. To make your body work, you should obtain essential nutrients from a well-balanced diet. Everyone, who goes on diet, knows that to loss fat, you should reduce amount of carbohydrates, but with bodybuilding it will not work.  You will not gain enough strength for exercising, if you keep low-carb diet.

And it will sound ridiculous, but eating some food, which contains fat, can boost muscle-protein synthesis. For example, some fatty fish like salmon and fish oil supplements will stimulate mass-building and enrich your muscles.

And don’t forget about amino acids. They are the best known to the bodybuilding world. Such acids as branched-chain amino acids (dairy, for example) will reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and damage. So, it will be a benefit for you, if you can recover your muscles faster.

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