Beat this world: Total Body Muscle & Cardio Attack

Break your fitness limits with this high intensity training circuit.

Normally you go to the gym and exercise according to your training program. You do everything right. Every your step is targeted. You are stuck to your training log. You follow the reps and sets and when you are making progress, you can feel delightful pain in every your muscle. You finish your training as a winner. But not every time you have this feeling.

There are some days you spend less time blasting your legs or you don’t add more weight and you don’t feel so good about yourself. And at this moment if you are stuck to your regular training program, it will not make you a winner again. You will not have this amazing feeling of beating the whole world. It’s time for breaking your system and taking the new challenge. Train hard. Do your best. Blow up this world. Be the WINNER.

And we will help you in this. Every week we will give you a hard and tough workout. If you want to get a break from your regular routine training, we will help you and if you are looking for a challenge and ultimate training, we will also do. But we want to warn you, this training program will make you absolutely crushed.



Plug in the heating pad, polish up the puke bucket and unscrew the top on the aspirin because you will need it to pass 4 steps of the tough workout below in as little time as possible. All the major muscle groups are covered with the chin-ups hitting your biceps and upper back, the Thrusters punishing your legs and shoulders, the push-ups working your pecs, and the burpees elevating your conditioning and work capacity through the roof.
Complete all reps of each exercise before moving onto the next. Use intra-set rest as needed. WARNING: Even if you can’t complete a quality rep, do not back down.

1) Chin-ups
10 reps

2) Barbell Thruster
15 reps

3) Push-ups
20 reps

4) Burpees
25 reps

Let us know how you did. Leave your total workout time and any thoughts you have on the workout in the comments section below.

Dan Trink, CSCS

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