Build a massive back

Most of the guys, who go to gym, work on building chiseled abs, chest, arms, shoulders, whatever, just not the back. They neglect this part of body. But if you are going to build a great body, you have to work on all groups of muscle, and back is not an exception.

A weak back combined with an overdeveloped chest and shoulders is likely to seem a culprit. As a bonus, when you have proper posture you also look taller, so it’s a double win.

Here’s a guide to build a massive back

First of all, you should understand that it’s not so easy to increase back muscle size. You will be exhausted, you will suffer from pain. But if you want your back to be more powerful than an earthquake, it’s 100% worthy.

Do deadlifts. Deadlifting is the base upon which back strength is built. This is so simple. Just hit it hard and let your muscles rest and grow. As you are getting stronger, add more weight each week.

When you perform pulling exercises, start every rep from the shoulder blades use a light grip for a proper mind-muscle connection. To make your pulls more oriented on the back, rather than on biceps or forearm, make your elbow go toward the ribcage, not the wrist.

And to make your back grow more and faster, make a mix of exercising: perform one set of pulls after a set of presses.


And don’t forget. Pulls, pulls and again pulls. There is nothing better for getting a strong back than pulls.

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