Get a body like Beckham

Did you ever wonder about what David Beckham does to be in such a good shape? What kind of training exercises and drills does he take? Football is one of the world’s most physically demanding sports.  And if you want to be as strong and good shaped as Beckham, we will teach you some football training tips.

Start your training with the right warm up exercises. They will increase heart rate, stimulate your central nervous system for activity, enhance movement quality and activate muscle work.  Without the proper warm up you will be more prone to injury.

Another point to remember is that maximum strength training should be a progression. Don’t exaggerate your abilities and train step by step. Heavy maximal resistance workout, while very effective, is for advanced trainees only.

Don’t use treadmills for your trainings. If you are going to use your precious time running on a treadmill, you will completely misuse it. You can much more successfully use the time doing crawls, ladders, step-ups, tumbles and other gymnastic movements. No doubts running quality should be stressed, but football is not all about running. There are far more valuable things you could be doing to develop yourself as an athlete.

For example, you can focus on compound movements.  Your body is one whole unit. Don’t be stuck on bodybuilding style training. Isolation exercises minimally help with sports performance, and should only be thrown in as an as accessory movements, or occasional finisher. The possibilities of a good exercising program are endless, but there should be lots of hip hinges (deadlifts, RDL’s), squats (self-explanatory), loaded-carries (farmers walk, waiter carries), pushes (push-up, overhead press), pulls (pull-up, bent over row).  Also, there should be some sort of explosive component programmed at some point in the program, such as cleans, snatches, high pulls, box jumps, etc..

But even if you want to work on running, don’t forget about developing speed skills and making your legs strong as stone. Increasing your speed, vary intensities of trainings, practice step cycles, run hills, sprint and be more consistent.

Follow our advices and play like Beckham!

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