How to get ripped Abs

Race to a six-pack with the springer sit-up.

Sean Hyson, C. S. C. S.

Have you ever heard that your hip flexors are taking you away from having ripped abs? Many magazines keep telling us that most of the time we are just sitting and it makes our hip flexor muscles short and tight. But working on getting ribbed abs, we need them to be strong, because it’s our mainstay. At the beginning of a regular sit-up exercise hip flexors are doing almost all the work. They are in the heart of inferior ab development, and if you know how to make them stronger, it will help you to reveal the full shape of your abdominals.

Many trainers say that we have to develop our hip flexors, trapping the feet or performing ranges of motion. But we are telling you that this is bullshit. Forget everything you’ve heard before. The best way to make your hip flexors work is to stretch them and to strengthen along with your abs. And these tips will allow you to train every function of the muscles. Learn how to do it now and don’t waste your time and money in the gym. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start exercising


Don’t fool yourself thinking that you need over-complicated exercises to develop your abdominals. We will show you simple exercises, which can help you to get ripped Abs.  Nothing is missed. Everything is simple. Just start doing it.

■ Lie on your back with arms at your sides and legs extended. Explosively sit up as far as you can while driving your left arm forward and your right knee to your chest. Reverse the motion but try not to let your torso or legs rest on the floor for even a moment. Repeat on the other side. The motion looks somewhat like you’re sprinting.

■ The instability created by moving each leg and arm alternately forces the core to work hard to balance you, so while the driving of the knees certainly activates the hip flexors, that won’t take away from the stimulus your abs get. (You’re also doing a full sit-up.)

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