How to survive during holidays overeating!

Holiday is the hard time for those who keep diet. You want to break your diet and eat something special, more delicious than cucumbers and tomato. Such a temptation!

How to survive during holiday and not to gain more weight?

First of all, we don’t say that you can’t eat any delicious dinner or dessert. No, you don’t have to be so strict in your diet regime now. Come on, it’s a holiday, you can have some indulgence. Just don’t eat too much. Be wise. And don’t forget that what you eat now, you will see on your hips after few days.

Don’t start eating your delicious chocolate cake being too hungry

Drink a glass of water or eat something not so high-calorie first, and you will be not so hungry, and as a result you will eat just one piece of cake, not 2 or 3.

Eat slowly and you will feel full faster

what can prevent you from overeating. And don’t forget to watch portion sizes.

Try to avoid liquids, which contain no nutritional value

Such as juice and soda, so that you can save these calories for a delicious meal. Just drink water instead of juice and soda, and you will also feel fuller.

Eat what you want

Don’t listen to what other people advise you to eat. Of course, Aunt Betty doesn’t know you are on diet and will give you 3 pieces of pizza. And your chubby cousin is waiting for you with 2 plates of lasagna. And there are more and more relatives, who somehow think you didn’t eat for the whole year and want to make up leeway for one day.

Just eat only what you want and don’t forget about limits.

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