To eat or not to eat at night?

We all have heard not once that if you eat after 6 or 7 pm, you will gain weight. This is a common myth for everybody.

The most interesting version of this myth origin is following. When one of the journalists asked some Russians at a press-conference what is the secret of this grace and thinness, they said it’s because they don’t eat after 6 pm.  And that quote became so wide-spread, that everybody knows it even now.

But let’s get back to the problem

Some people say it’s ridiculous to cut off food intake in some certain hours. Our bodies need fuel constantly, not just when we are awake. And that’s why we should eat also before going to bed, so that when we are sleeping, our bodies will burn taken calories. If you still keep your daily caloric needs, there is no difference what time you eat. Late night eating will not make you gain more weight.

But some people eat at night for many reasons that don’t have anything common with hunger. We eat, because we are bored or stressed. And we don’t control the amount of food we eat. These extra calories will not just make you gain weight; they will cause indigestion and sleeping problems.

Of course, it’s bad for your body when you watch TV at night, eating chips and drinking soda. But there’s nothing wrong with eating a light, healthy snack after the dinner. Some good options are fruit, yogurt, some low-calorie salad, etc.

Your body doesn’t process food differently after it gets dark outside. No matter, when you eat high-calorie food, either its breakfast or dinner, you will see the result on your fat hips.

Keep a balanced diet and eat when you want to.

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