10 reasons why you should avoid sugar

1) Sugar can suppress your immune system.

2) Sugar can lead to obesity.

3) Sugar feeds cancer.

4) Your ability to absorb protein can be affected by sugar.

5) Consuming of sugar can become an addiction.

6) Sugar can cause fatigue, nervousness, and depression.

7) You may be more likely to suffer a heart attack.

8) Sugar can lower the amount of Vitamin E in the blood.

9) Calcium is used to neutralize the acidic effects of sugar, which results in weaker bones.

10) You’d have to perform over 15 minutes of high-speed rope-jumping to lose calories you gain by eating 1 Kit Kat bar.

What about fruit sugar?

That’s sad to admit, but a lot of fruit contain sugar! No doubts, eating fruit, you consume not only sugar, but also fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals. But if your main goal is to lose fat, minimize fruit consumption and stick to vegetables.

Fruit juices.

As well as fruit, fruit juices contain a lot of sugar

  • Orange juice – 21g of sugar
  • Apple juice – 28g of sugar
  • Cranberry juice – 37g of sugar
  • Grape juice – 38g of sugar

For comparison, a can of Coca- Cola contains 40 g of sugar.

Alternative to sugar

Honey is one of the most famous alternatives to sugar. It is not just sugar or fructose. It’s a mixture of all sorts of compounds, minerals, and vitamins. Honey also improves blood lipids and has minimal effect on blood glucose levels.

What to do, if you are addicted to sugar?

Control yourself. You are not an animal to be controlled by food.

When you start to crave sugar, don’t run to buy a bar of chocolate. Just think and analyze why you have cravings. Maybe you are just bored or depressed, but not in real need of sugar. If you are bored, just go for a walk with friends or do something interesting. Don’t eat to become happy.

Don’t keep any sugar containing food at home and you will not have a temptation to eat something sweet.

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