10 Tips how to stay fit and strong

You exercised a lot, you kept a diet and achieved your aim – your body looks better now. But the main question now is how to keep building muscles and having progress. How not to stop on the way to a great body and lose everything you achieved before?

1) Don’t stop on your result. Always try to beat your previous workout performance. Always go for more. Beat yourself every time you train, and you will never stop on your way.

2) Don’t train only in a gym. Perform outdoor activities as well. It’s a good bonus for keeping in shape and getting fresh air. Spend a couple of hours playing tennis or just walk around the city.

3) Keep track of all indicators of your body. Heart rate, weight, breathing, blood pressure, etc.

4) Eat a healthy diet that focuses on variety, balance and proper nutrition. You need to get enough vitamins for your body and energy for workouts.

5) Don’t eat 5-6 times a day, because some people say you should do it. It doesn’t matter if you eat twice of 6 times a day. The thing which matters is what you eat.

6) Have rest from trainings sometimes. Your muscles need to recover after an exhausting workout.

7) Always be motivated. Without motivation you will not get the needed result. Stay strong and you will do it.

8) Never count the calories you burn via weight training.

9) Weigh food with a scale. Don’t eat like you didn’t eat for few days. Keep limits.

10) If you have only 30 minutes for work out, choose the one you like more and enjoy your training.


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