4 best exercises to build chest and make it grow

Big chest is a goal for every lifter. It’s the “face” of your body. But you work hard on your chest growth, and somehow it doesn’t work.

So, which exercises can help to build chest and make it grow?


Maybe it sounds too simple or easy, but pushups are one of the most famous exercises for chest building. The thing which matters is how you do pushups.

Keep your feet close together, keep your stomach tight and try to maintain a straight line from your head to your feet.  For a better workout don’t place your hands too far apart not to put stress on your joints.

Bench press.

This is the classic. Do more bench press and you will develop not only chest, but also trapezii and triceps.

Cable crossover flyer.

The cable machine is ideal for maintaining longer periods of constant tension for your muscles.

T – press – up.

If you make this exercise fast by using core muscles, it will help you to get a bigger chest and torch fat.

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