Boxing: lose fat and build muscles

Boxing is one of the most violent sports. Some people get injuries and a few people even die during a boxing match.

Success in boxing requires a balance of muscle, power, speed, quickness and coordination. Boxers spend a lot of time getting in shape. The more muscle mass you have, the more potential force you can produce with every punch.

Some common training activities are jumping rope, running, shadow boxing, sparring, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

Fat loss

To be in a good shape, boxers have to do a lot of cardio. By this they can burn calories while training. Don’t be stuck only on one group of muscles, to get a better effect work on different groups of muscles. To get rid of fat, do such trainings as jumping rope, shadow boxing and running.

Building muscles

Combination of cardio and lifting weights can help you to get a muscular body. This combination will make you strong. If you are stronger, you will punch harder. Strength and power are what you need to bring your opponent down. Don’t ignore the pain during exercising, it can lead to injuries.


Perform cardio-intensive exercises and weight lifting separately. It can cause injuries.

Lift heavy weights, using sets of three to six repetitions.

Eat high-protein snacks and meals throughout the day to get enough energy for exercising and develop muscle mass.

Limit your weight trainings to under 45 minutes, coz it also can result in muscle injury.

To make a better result, increase the length of intervals that you use in cardio training and the weight used in your weight training.

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