Common fitness mistakes

1) You are trying to lift as much as you can. This is not a competition of lifting. You are working on your body. Don’t be crazy about exercising. If you train too much, you will lose your energy and will not get a needed result. Think about quality, but not the quantity.

2) Many people think that cardio is enough for being in a good shape. Cardio is very effective for fat los, but to build a muscular body, add some strength trainings.

3) You are neglecting all forms of stretching. This is the common mistake for guys. Stretching, or yoga will help you to keep overall workout balanced. You need to be not only strong, but also flexible. Don’t neglect stretching.

4) You are changing training program, when you read the article about how some athletes train their shoulders or back. Be realistic, such breaking of the regime will not work. Before starting exercising, you should develop training program for you only, according to your goals and body features.

5) If you are doing the same workout as you did before and you don’t see the progress anymore, maybe it’s time to change routine and get some fresh air to your training program.

6) You don’t work on core stability. Without core stability you can’t control your shoulder girdle or hips, and your body can’t perform effectively. Take time at the end of your workout to perform core exercises such as planks and side planks.

7) You use too much weight. Use a weight you can lift and that will be enough for your training.

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