Genetics and Muscle building

We heard many times how our friends were complaining that there is no point for them to start exercising, because they just have bad genetics. Maybe you also don’t want even to start losing fat because of bad genetics?

Don’t find excuses not to go to gym.

It’s true that due to genetics features, we have good and not-so-good muscle groups, certain hormonal levels, and fat storage tendencies, but any person can get in a good shape, no matter what your genetics are.

Ok. Let’s consider that you have bad genetics. You have narrow shoulders, slow metabolism or too fast metabolism, whatever. Yes, it influences shape and size of your muscles. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get muscles, which you want.

And if you remember, most of bodybuilders started as skinny little boys. You really believe they were complaining about bad genetics?

Just look at Frank Zane, the guy next to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had narrow clavicles, a long torso and fourteen-inch arms. You could say it’s the worst genetics for a bodybuilder.

But he was stuck to his diet and trained a lot, so that he created the most symmetrical physique people still consider to be perfect.

Do you really think that he was thinking about his bad genetics, when he started exercising?

Saying that you have bad genetics is just an excuse not to work on your body. We all are not perfect. We all have some problems with our bodies. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t get needed muscular shape. Just work out a lot, stick to diet and stop finding excuses!

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