Get energy with Tae Bo!

Tae Bo is a unique combination of martial arts, boxing and aerobics. It was developed by American taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks in 1990s. It’s also one of the first “cardio-boxing” programs. The name Tae Bo is a mix of tae kwon do and boxing.

Tae Bo became so popular in late 1990s, when it appeared on TV. Tae Bo classes are amazing. Everybody, who tried it once, train more and more.

Tae Bo is so unique because it includes some punches and kicks as karate, but not intended for fighting. Aerobic exercises of Tae Bo can strengthen all muscles of the body, and of course, help to lose some fat.


Tae Bo is not just another interesting exercise for beginners

Tae Bo was designed to make you focus on the soul, mind and body. It’s not just an exercise, it’s a sport philosophy. You will not just get muscles; you can feel connection of your body and mind. You will feel every impulse of your body.

Tae Bo is really effective in toning the body musculature. It can improve your balance, flexibility and coordination. That’s exactly what you need.

Tae Bo includes many stretching exercises, what also helps your muscles to grow and recover after exhausting training.

It also includes some aerobic dance movements, what makes training more energetic and full of fun.

And one of the most amazing benefits of Tae Bo, which will impress you, is that Tae Bo was proven in effectiveness of burning calories. During one intensive workout you burn 500 to 800 (!) calories, compared to 300 calories you lose in the aerobics class.

Doesn’t it sound perfect?

You will do some mix of martial arts and karate, and imagine you are the karate kid. You will feel yourself the winner of the world. And at the same time all your workouts will be so energetic and having a lot of fun, that it will never be boring for you. What else? You will burn unbelievable amount of calories, lose fat and be in a good shape.

Now, go and get energy with Tae Bo!

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