Gym etiquette: Part 2

We have already talked about some rules of gym community, and here have a look at some more of them.

Take care of equipment you use. If you notice that something is broken, report to management of the gym immediately.

Don’t leave anything on the bar when you’re done. Put all equipment items back to their spots and it will save time when you are looking for what you need.

Don’t be distracted and don’t distract others. Turn off the sound on the phone and don’t annoy people around you. Anyway, checking messages every minute will not give any result of workout. Leave the phone in a car or a locker room, and don’t disturb anybody.

When you just came to a gym and feel yourself a new guy, don’t be afraid of being judged by more experienced athletes. They also were new guys in a gym one day, so as you are now.

When someone is lifting without a partner, you can be the guy, who will help him. But help properly. Your hands should be hovering just an inch below the bar, ready to help.

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