How to strengthen calves

Many guys in a gym neglect training their calves, focusing only on chest, shoulders, and back. But for better overall look you have to train your calves. Just imagine, you have a giant massive back and thin calves like a little girl. It looks ridiculous. Train all your muscle groups, and give enough attention to your calves too.

Do some cardio for your calves and calf-strengthening exercises. It will help you to build muscle mass and increase overall health. Cardio exercises of different degrees will strengthen your calf muscles.

Stretch your calves. Stretching will help you to get toned calves.

• Sit down with legs extended straight outward in front of you

• Bend your torso while in this position and extend your hands so they touch your feet and use your hands to hold the ball of your feet.

Use the calf press machine at gym. Once you stretch calves, adjust the weight on the machine. For more intensive workout vary degrees of calf press exercises.

Get a jump rope and do few sets. Before you begin jumping rope, stretch the muscles in the legs to warm up your legs.

Low Pogo Jump

• Stand with your feet together, your knees slightly bent and your hands in front of you at chest level, elbows bent.

• Jump up as fast as you can as if you’re jumping rope but without the rope.

• Two or three sets of 40–50 low pogo jumps are a staple in any dynamic warm-up and they’ll hit your calves hard.

High Pogo Jump

• Begin in the same position as the low pogo jump, but jump as high as you can using just your ankles and calves.

• Two or three sets of 15 reps will be plenty for beginners.

Start running. It seems to be very easy, but in fact it’s really hard and exhausting. Running will make your calves strong as a stone.

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