Karate and bodybuilding

What is karate and how it can help to be in a good shape?

Karate is a martial art developed in Japan a century ago. It can be practiced as a sport, as an art, or as self-defense training. It’s not just an exercise, it’s also a philosophy.

One of the main questions is who would win in the battle: karate practitioner or bodybuilder.

Body builders are very strong and have great physical strength, but technique always beats strength. Body builder is just big and has strength to lift weights, but a karate guy is powerful and really fast.

But can we combine karate and lifting weights to make an athlete strong as rock and fast as wind? Of course, we can.

The fundamentals of all Karate styles are: Stances, Strikes, Kicks, Punches and Blocks.

Basic Karate Moves start with:

1. The correct relationship between the feet and floor. Karate starts from the ground.

2. Use of the ankles, knees, legs and hips to create stable Karate Stances and powerful Karate kicks.

3. The effective use of the upper body; shoulders, back, arms, elbows and hands to produce dynamic Karate Strikes and Karate Blocks.

Keep lifting weights and add some karate to your workouts!

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