Keep your appetite at bay!

We all have different reasons for overeating. Sometimes we are just hungry, but sometimes we smell something delicious, one moment and u ate everything what was in the dish. How to stop it and keep appetite under control?

Here are the tips for you

Eat more high-volume foods such as vegetables and fruit. They contain a lot of fiber and water, but not that many calories. These foods will make you full longer, without consequences for your belly.

Eat enough protein. When it comes to diet, fat loss or controlling appetite, protein is one of the main actors on the scene. Protein is a good resource for an exhausting training and a great helper to recover muscles after that.

Eat foods, which smell more. It’s psychology. When you eat something, what smells really good and delicious, you will feel more enjoyment eating the food, and you might feel fuller. Just don’t forget about limits and portion size.

Eat alone. Usually when we eat with many people, we eat more than we really want to. You can’t stop, when you are already full. And you keep eating and increasing calorie intake.

When you are depressed or have some problems, try to overcome it not by eating innumerous bars of chocolate and packets of chips.

Drink more water. When you feel hunger, drink a big glass of cold water and you will eat less. Drink water throughout the day, and it will help to control your appetite.

Eat an apple, when you are hungry. Sweetness of an apple can satisfy cravings, and apples keep appetite in check. And anyway, you will have a feeling that you already ate something, so that you will be not so hungry.

So Keep your appetite at bay!

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