Build a strong neck

Many lifters neglect developing neck muscles, but if you want to be fully in a great shape, you must build a strong neck too. Neck is also one of muscle groups, so why would you neglect it? In some high sports neck is a necessity, while it’s often the weakest link in the strength chain. Neck is a weak structure by nature, so that you have to make it stronger. Having a strong neck will make your lifts easier.

All of us have woken up in the morning with a stiff neck, feeling so much pain. Have you ever wondered why you have this pain only in neck, but not in other muscles? The answer is so easy. You train almost all your muscle groups, but you don’t train your neck well enough.

The most important thing in neck workouts is not to try to lift more than you can. Of course, you can have many ambitions and try to kick yourself every time you workout, but if you get a neck injury, it can cause the most inconvenience and pain.

Before performing weight resistance training, start with good stretching for your neck.

Chin to chest stretch will be a perfect start for your training.

  1. Get into a seated position on the floor.
  2. Place both hands at the rear of your head, fingers interlocked, thumbs pointing down and elbows pointing straight ahead. Slowly pull your head down to your chest. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Continue your training with isometric neck exercise. The neck moves in 4 types of directions: Forward bending (flexion), backwards bending (extension), and side bending (lateral flexion). To train the muscles of your neck, lightly push your head into your hands in each direction for approximately 10 seconds.

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