Destroy your Quads: Part I

The legs, specifically the upper leg muscles, are the largest group of the body. Quadriceps, as a part of them, is a muscle group that includes four prevailing muscles on the front of the thigh. For those, who want to remain in shape and improve sport performance, it’s quite important to align legs and quads.

The easiest exercises to develop quadriceps are:


You can do them anywhere you have enough space. Sprint training also saves time that would be wasted doing traditional exercises.

Before starting a sprint, don’t forget to stretch and warm up properly. Sprint for some distance, have a rest and repeat sets for few times. Cool down your muscles by jogging or walking.

You can also perform bench sprints at a gym, if you don’t like sprints on fresh air.

  1. Stand on the ground with one foot resting on a bench or box with your heel close to the edge.
  2. Push off with your foot on top of the bench, extending through the hip and knee.
  3. Land with the opposite foot on top of the box, returning your other foot back to the start position.
  4. Continue alternating from one foot to another to complete the set.

You might also try stair sprint to change the pace and routine.

One more good exercise for developing your quadriceps is:

 Barbell Step-up

  1. Hold a barbell on the back of your shoulders while standing up straight. Stand behind an elevated platform. The kind used for spotting behind a flat bench is ideal for this purpose.
  2. Put your right foot on the elevated platform. Step on it by extending your right hip and knee. Use your heel to lift the rest of your body and place your left foot on the platform, too. Exhale while you come up.
  3. Step down with your left leg. To do so, flex your right hip and knee while inhaling. Return to the starting position by putting your right foot next to the left one.
  4. Repeat with your right leg for the desired number of reps and then repeat with your left leg.

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