Guide to right nutrition

When you already set up your aims and ready to follow the way of getting a great body, don’t focus only on long exhausting workouts in a gym. Nobody is saying that it’s not right. It’s just not enough. To achieve your aims, you should also change your eating habits. And we are talking now not just about diet to lose weight. It’s much better and very important to get right nutrition and keep healthy eating habits. If you reach a healthier weight, not just lose fat, you will get overall health and well being.

Start with setting realistic goals for your eating and a plan for healthy lifestyle. You will be more likely to achieve your aims step-by-step, than being in a rush.

Plan your meals for a week and eat at least three meals per day. There is nothing healthy in eating a huge meal once a day or not eating anything and starving. What is healthy is to eat normal, cooked food few days a week and balance your plate with a variety of vitamins, needed for your body.

Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, on fourth with lean meat or fish, and one fourth with grains.

It’s also important to get an understanding when you are already full and when you are not. To do it, don’t eat too fast, because your brains need 20 minutes to get the signal that you body started getting food. The moment your brain receives the signal, you will stop feeling hungry. So, don’t eat too fast and give yourself a chance to feel full at the right time.

Don’t forget to control portion sizes not to get additional calories and eat healthy snacks not to feel so hungry during the day.

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