How to cheat on diet and lose weight

All people, who have ever tried dieting, faced the problem of keeping a diet for a long time. When you just start, you are so motivated and sure that you can do it, but when time passes, you are not so sure in yourself anymore. You are just tired of all the restrictions you have to keep. You want to eat all the food you couldn’t eat before. You don’t just break your diet. You start eating everything, what destroys your results – sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, chocolate, ice-cream, whatever.

No matter what these products are, you have already destroyed your intensive efforts to lose fat. And as a result, you ate a lot of “bad” food, you feel yourself fat, and you don’t have power for dieting anymore.


But you could avoid all of this, if you have had cheat days once a week. You might think that it will destroy your diet, but in fact it will not just allow you to eat your favorite food sometimes, it will give you a rest from your diet to have enough power to continue your way of losing fat.

Anyone can keep a strict diet from time to time, but sooner or later most people will break their diets just because they are tired of it. Cheat days enhance your chances to succeed in the long run, as long as you cheat on your diet in the sensible way.

Enjoy the cheat day with all your senses. It’s your day. Eat your favorite food slowly and enjoy the taste, so that you will get more satisfaction from your food.

Make the food by yourself. If you love pizza with mozzarella, why don’t you cook it by yourself? Find the receipt in internet and feel yourself a chef of Italian restaurant.

Eat what you love during cheat days and don’t forget about limits!

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