How to feel full without overeating

If you want to lose hatred fat without suffering from diets and torturing yourself, you should learn how to feel full without overeating. It’s a dream of everybody, who keeps a diet. And it’s the secret we are going to share with you. Just follow our tricks and feel full without overeating.

• Fake a bigger serving size next time you eat. You will get the emotional satisfaction of eating a lot and if you believe you’ve eaten more, you will feel not so hungry later.

• Eat soups more often. Even a huge bowl of soup contains no more than 300 calories. And as there is a lot of water in soup, it’s perfect for making yourself believe that you are eating a lot.

• Eat more high-volume foods, such as vegetables and fruit. Even though when you just hear the word “high-volume”, you already imagine your fat hips and legs, high-volume fruit and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and water, but not so many calories, and they will not harm your diet.

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• Drink from tall glasses. Not everybody knows that we can pour 19 percent more liquid in short, wide glasses rather than in tall ones.

• Chew gym and you can trick yourself into eating. Just don’t start eating straight away after chewing gym, because it can lead to the opposite effect – you will eat more than you want to.

• Eat more smelly foods. Scientists have proved that strong aroma sends signals to the brain that the food you are eating is higher in calories, so that you feel fuller without overeating.

• Distract yourself from your stomach. Read a book, magazine, watch TV,whatever. The more you are distracted, the less hungry you will feel.

• Choose the teaspoon instead of a tablespoon. Taking more time to eat, you will think that you eat more and will feel full longer.

• Sleep more. It’s the easiest tip. You can’t eat while sleeping, so you will not gain more weight.


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