Intermittent fasting: Mistakes of beginners

When people find an effective way to lose fat, they start being crazy about this. And if we are speaking about intermittent fasting, here the situation can become worse.

There are 2 options of people behavior while keeping this diet. First is fasting for too long time, longer then its needed, and the second is being afraid of hunger and eating too much during non-fasting hours.

When you are fasting for more than 24 hours, it doesn’t mean you will lose fat and be in a good shape. It only means that you do harm for your body and slow your metabolism, which prevents fat from being burned. And even more, starving stimulates the degradation of proteins, which leads to loss of muscles.

If you are afraid of being hungry, it will also not lead to success. We all get hungry sometimes. It’s absolutely essential. There is nothing awful or scaring in being hungry for few hours. Come on, you won’t die of not eating for some time. Only first days of fasting will be difficult, but when it becomes a habit, it’s not that exhausting anymore. You just need to get used to it.

One more mistake of beginners that during non-fasting hours they mostly eat junk food. It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you keep, junk food is so bad and unhealthy for your body. Intermittent diet is not a pass to eat junky food. What you need is natural organic food such as meats, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats.

If you follow the intermittent fasting, don’t be stick to clocks. You are just starving mentally, because you didn’t get used to fasting. Don’t count every minute till non-fasting hours. Try to be busy all the time and don’t make yourself suffer.

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