Part 1: Worst mistakes you’re making in the gym

You are going to a gym and training all the time, but it seems that something is wrong. You keep exercising, but your results are just normal, not so amazing. Something is holding you back. You do one step forward and 2 steps back. You are quite far from those workouts, after which you get an indescribable feeling of being a winner.
What mistakes you are making in the gym? What holds you back and doesn’t let you do your best and be the best?

Don’t focus just on specific groups of muscles. The body is the whole organism. If you are working only on having an attractive masculine chest, it’s not enough. If you develop just your chest and forget about other parts of body, you will look at least ridiculous. Of course it’s not such a pleasant perspective, so work out on all groups of muscles.

Set your goals and plan workouts. If you want just to exercise in the gym, it’s not the goal, which will lead you to success. The real goal is if you want to get a great body and make people envy. For such goal you will go to gym and do your best, no matter what. Don’t go to a gym, when you didn’t plan your workout. We are not saying that it’s bad to improvise or add something new in your training routine. But it’s better if you at least have any ideas what to start from and what workouts to do then if you just go to a gym like an idiot and do nothing. Gym is not a place to hang out; it’s a place for real aimed trainings.

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