Part 2: Worst mistakes you’re making in the gym

What mistakes you are making in the gym? What holds you back and doesn’t let you do your best and be the best?

Don’t lift alone. No doubts, you came to the gym to work on your own results and you should focus on yourself, not others. You came to a gym not to talk about weather with other guys, but to work hard on getting a great body. But even the best guys need help and support to be better. Get the support from a lifting buddy. He will push you all the time and make you try new things. He will help you to get better results.

Don’t do just what you are good at. Of course, you can feel yourself the best, if every time you are working on something you are good at, but it’s not really what you can be proud of. Fine, you can do it well. Congrats. But there are still so many exercises you should perform, and you might be not that good at them. The real war is war with yourself and things you can’t do. If you can’t do pushups more than 5 times, but you are running fast like a horse, do more pushups. Beat the world and beat yourself. You can do. Just be the winner of this war and overcome your difficulties.

Don’t bring your phone, tablet, whatever to a gym. We all are dependent on internet and any social stuff, but it doesn’t mean that you should let them destroy your goals. You came to a gym to exercise and you have amazing goals, which you can achieve. So, why do you need a cellphone? How will it help you to lift? Come on, you can survive without it just for few hours. You can check updates in social media after a hard workout, but not during it. Keep the phone away and do your best while exercising!

Keep your bad habits away and don’t let anything disturb you! Don’t make mistakes in the gym and achieve your goals for getting a great body!

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