7 exercises to stay fit during holidays

Holidays is amazing time, which we all spend with our families and beloved. But sitting together with relatives and thinking about old times, we eat delicious food without any limits. And at the end of holidays, you will be happy and fat again, because you were eating too much. No doubts, if you spend holidays with your lovely family, you will not be able to avoid overeating. What you can do is to burn the fat you consume by performing usual workout exercises.

You can do a quick workout anywhere. If during holidays, you have to go to another city to your relatives and leave the favorite gym, don’t worry and just try the following exercises to stay fit during the holidays.

One of the basic exercises you can do is a push-up. The push-up is an oldie, but goodie. It will always be one of the best exercises you can perform at home. Push-up with a single-leg raise is a great progression for more advanced athletes from a regular push-up.

Continue your workout with some crunches. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and heels a comfortable distance (12-18″) away from your seat. Place your hands behind your head. Pull your shoulder blades together and your elbows back without arching your low back or causing your ribs to splay out. This elbow position should be maintained throughout the exercise.

To strengthen your calves, perform standing calf raises near the wall and to strengthen your back and abs, do some front plank exercise.

You can also add some yoga positions to stretch your muscles. As good stretches, we recommend you a downward-facing dog and a glute bridge.

And finally, to target your hips and legs, you can do usual squat jumps, increasing the exercise intensity by changing position of your hands.

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